Sunday, February 19, 2017

Is 30 minutes long enough? I really could've talked with Erik for a full hour- or longer. He was so easy to connect with. I was astonished at how quickly and readily he began to ask question to help me deepen my self reflection! What is it about the people I have been speaking to who seem defensive? What do I see as the difference between defensiveness and defending oneself? What is it about the people in my world that could possibly be healed, or at least the rough edges smoothed?  I also enjoyed our jokes about how poltergeists and other ghosts should probably be able to help themselves through their emotional baggage, given that they are capable of moving physical objects even though they themselves have no physical body!

Unfortunately, Andrew had quite a few technical difficulties today, so we volleyed emails. I appreciate when things like this arise- opportunities to be humans in a very calculated world. He and I made some written agreements on what I would offer him as a coach. His writing about his father, a coach for little league baseball would make a lovely gift to his dad.

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