Monday, July 7, 2014


In the movie The Fifth Element, a "multipass" is used for identification, purchases and admission to events. It is a means to gain access. Because I am a multi media, interdisciplinary artist, I call my blog MultiLaura. I am a jack of many trades, and as versatile as a jackknife. This blog is where I describe my processes- the critical thinking, philosophy and intuition that I've come to rely on since art school. 

The single greatest challenge in my creative life has been the pressure to "choose one art form and market that well." Finally, I interpreted the phrase beyond it's apparent meaning. Rather than chose one art form I chose the message, which can be emotional, somatic, or intellectual. Creativity is my learning laboratory. 

 I'll use this blog to share my explorations, experiments and discoveries.  And as I go along, your feedback and insight is most welcome. 

A panoramic photo of a very large kinetic scuIpture at the Baltimore Science Center.
To me, it's a model of the interconnected creative process.